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May 7th

Symptoms, Indications, and Signs of Opioid Addiction

It is sad that despite being valued at tens of billions of dollars today, opioid markets will keep growing in the global market by a substantial percentage. Despite their contribution to the management of chronic pain, research shows that the cons of using opioids outweigh their advantages in a way. According to professionals in this website, misusing opioids can result to overdose and even death. For this reason, it is imperative for one to learn more about the signs of opioid addition. If you overdose on opioid, it means that you expose your body to more harm than good. Ultimately, when you feed your body with excessive opioids, it makes it hard for it to tolerate it; as a result, the drugs send your body into shock such that you can die. Click here to read more about the signs of opioid addition.

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The first aspect to look for in someone with opioid problems is the behavioral signs. If someone is sneaking out to obtain drugs or lying to get access, it should tell you that they are starting to have a problem. Aside from that, you can tell from the change in the sleeping patterns of the addict because they always adjust their schedules to get more drugs. Is your loved one or friend more withdrawn lately? If they are giving up their favorite activities to find new ones that allow drug use, it is time to get them the help they need.

The misuse of opioids can also result in the negative changes in the body of the user. opioids cause constipation in patients. A person who uses opioids in excess will have flushed skin, a slow heart rate and will sweat intensely. If you notice that the patient has lost a ton of weight without any reasonable explanation, chances are that the drug usage has taken control over their life. Look out for poor hygiene as drug misuse alters one’s ability to take good care of themselves; they will also experience bad motor skills and have wounds all over their body that they cannot account for.

Another aspect of an opioid addiction is associated with cognitive issues where it affects the ability to concentrate and make decisions. Drug addition causes mental issues such that your solving problem abilities become altered completely as you lack motivation and interest in most things. Is a loved one acting like they are cut off from their environment? Are they confused most of the time and have poor impulse control? You need to find out if they have been using and misusing opioids if that is the case. Opioid addiction can also result in psycho-social signs such as growing indifferent and becoming resentful towards other people, especially those close to the patient.

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