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May 7th

When a Dental Crown Replacement is Necessary

Your dental crown is intended to last numerous years but isn’t indestructible. With time, wear and tear can take a toll on your crown, causing issues that need replacement. However, how do you determine if you need a dental crown replacement? On this page, we will look at signs that show you might need a dental crown replacement. Make sure you check it out!

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First, we’ll explore more about damage, wear, or tear. If you notice wear and tear on your dental crowns, you should plan for their replacement soon. Dental crowns can become cracked, chipped, or worn out with time; hence, it is imperative to be keen on them. If you deem your crown is spoilt, call a dental professional immediately.

Discoloration or staining is among these signs. Ensure you plan for a replacement of your dental crown if it’s stained or discolored. This indicates that tartar and plaque might have build-up on your crown. This can take place if you do not brush and floss often or if you do not see your dental service provider for regular cleanings. Tobacco products can make your teeth stain, including dental crowns. Tea, coffee, dark-colored vegetables and fruits, and red wine can result in discolored teeth. If you see any staining or discoloration on your dental crown, call your dentist instantly to discuss replacement options.

The other sign is pain or sensitivity. If your dental crown has pain or sensitivity, it could be time to replace it. There are various reasons for dental crown pain or sensitivity. First, your crown might be exceptionally tight. An exceedingly tight crown can strain the tooth, resulting in sensitivity or pain. On the other hand, a loose crown can let bacteria get below the crown, irritating the tooth. This can cause sensitivity or pain.

The other sign we will discover more about is a loose or ill-fitting crown. If you notice your dental crown being ill-fitting, then it is time you plan for their replacement. If you are experiencing aches or discomfort in the region, this can show the crown’s failure. Also, if you feel that your crown is loosely in place or appears to move or make sounds when eating, this could show that it requires a replacement. Hence, if you are uncertain about your crown’s feel or security, it is necessary to have your dentist look at it for further examination. Subsequently, your dentist can recommend any essential action, including a dental crown replacement.

Hopefully, this page has answered your questions regarding having a dental crown replacement.

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